Making plans just got easier.


Emigo is a tech startup that utilizes cutting edge multi-agent technology to develop an agent based platform that will change the way users organize their social lives.


Wave goodbye to the tedious hassle of group event planning.

Say hello to your Emigo - your own personal web assistant.

With Emigo, you create an online agent and personalize it to fit your preferences and cater to your needs.

Long gone are the struggles of trying to plan group outings that satisfy everyone's preferences-your Emigo does that FOR you. With one click, your Emigo communicates with all of your friend's Emigos to create a plan that is tailor fit to meet everyone's - yes, everyoneneeds and preferences. 

Welcome to technology at your service. 


How it Works

Emigo offers each user their own agent — scouring the web in search for events consistent with a user's personal preferences. Emigo adaptively learns your preferences over time and fine tunes suggestions to coordinate, plan and communicate with your friends' Emigos, linking everyone together without ever disturbing you. Emigo shares only what matters to the group — continuing to build a larger library of what the web can personally offer you and your social circle.


Adaptive AI Learning

Your Emigo adaptively learns your preferences over time and fine tunes suggestions to coordinate, plan and communicate with your friends' Emigo agents, linking everyone together without ever disturbing you. No texts. No phone calls. No hassle.

Using a Touch Phone
In a Meeting

Multi-Purpose Planning

Your Emigo can be used to plan a variety of group events. Whether it's a party of 2 or 20, Emigo coordinates to plan events that satisfy everyone's preferences. Got a hot date in mind? Or an office get together? Emigo can help.

Discover More of Where You Are

No more resorting to the same old, same old. Emigo is programmed to deliver a diverse set of plan suggestions that include current local events, underground exhibits and festivals, and neighborhood dives. So that you can discover more of your city.

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investment opportunities

Where we are in the development process

We are currently in the final stages of product development. We have a fully developed software platform and a functional prototype for the app. We are in the process of fine tuning basic app features to prepare for test marketing. 


What investment we are seeking 


We are seeking funding from angel investors, seed investors and venture capitalists to help expand our labor force and push through the final stage of product development and market testing operations. We are also seeking business partnerships with whom to collaborate on our web agent services.


CONtact us

For information on how to take part in Emigo's spearheading mission, you can contact us: 

Rym Z. Wenkstern

Founder and CEO

Noor Z. Mili

Co-Founder and CMO

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Plan Less. Live more.

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